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  Shanghai Welnew Micro-Electronics Co., Ltd is a joint venture enterprise with several advanced high technologies. We focus on research, manufacture, sales and service of new energy and new materials. We also provide solutions for Welding Ribbon & Al-Foam (Foamed Aluminium) products, meanwhile, provide surface treatment of IC plating for semiconductor companies.

Since the foundation of Welnew, we have attracted many types of technical & managerial talents, and also have good cooperation with many domestic institutions and schools. Our fast pace of growing up made us to be the representative of new industrial technologies and helped us reach the leading level in the industrial fields of research and manufacture.

Our company, Welnew, follows operation and management system of high standard, and we have already obtained certification of ISO/TS 16949:2009 and gained many inventions and patents for utility models. Collaborating with management software companies like UFIDA, Kindee, Weaver and so forth, we always push data informationization to improve our management level.

Sincerely hope to build the permanent and stable cooperation with you by our excellent quality and service.



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