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        Welnew welding ribbon is the successful marketed product through 3 years’ research and development by SHANGHAI WELNEW MICRO-ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. As one step of the Technology improvement, different from traditional tin-plating (hot-dip tinning) welding ribbon, our product wins more and more favors from main solar module producers because of its specialities like high conductivity, smooth appearance, tarnish & aging resistance, etc. Our product not only raises the appearance & quality of modules, but also directly increases extraneous earning for our solar module clients.
The biggest shining advantage for Welnew welding ribbon is, in the situation of assuming no any change of solar cell, modules and other materials, by replacing traditional hot-dip tinning (tin-plating) welding ribbon with Welnew product of electro-deposit type, the study and related experiments shows that Welnew ribbon will increase the power spec promotion for modules. (The single module will raise 2-5 watts upon differences of package materials, package patterns and transition efficiency of solar cell.)

2.Modules of welding ribbon
Base materials of welding ribbon: copper strip with different thickness and width with requirements of precise specification, high conductivity, and good strength & flexibility.
Surface of welding ribbon: uniformly coating around copper strip with tutania materials according to required ingredient and thickness by means of special processes like electro-deposit (plating).
As copper strip itself can not be welded, the main usage of tutania layer is to make the ribbon possible to be welded and to make the welding ribbon combined with grid lines of solar cell tightly, then to play the role of electric current diversion.

3.Varieties of welding ribbon
According to its positions in the solar energy modules, welding ribbon usually could be mainly divided into two types, cell ribbon & bus ribbon.
Cell ribbon:It is used to connect between solar cells.
Bus ribbon:It is used to connect between solar cell bunches (bunches are made by connection of solar cells.), meanwhile it also has the usage of leading anode and cathode of solar energy modules to junction box.

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